Shel Speaks

Shel delivers keynote talks and speaks on panels regularly about Human Centered Design, Innovation Strategy, Community Development, and Risk at venues including SXSW 2020, SXSW 2021, ID (Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology), Midwest UX, Architectural Institute of America, Online Learning Consortium, Innovation CX, San Francisco State University, College for Creative Studies, Michigan State University, Detroit Design Week, and others. Her approach is authentic, grounded, and brave.

STAND STILL, MOVE FORWARD: Shel Kimen &  Ingrid LaFleur                   How can we use design and contrarian thinking to overcome historical bias and inter-racial blocks? Always looking at the human and the systems that surround us, what we have neglected to do is to stop, be still, and understand the causes for the problems we are trying to solve. While action seems to be the only true recourse, acting with haste or urgency creates blind spots and often poor decisions. Problem-reaction-solution historically does not bring us to a better place. Human-centered design and Afro-futurist principles in dialogue can emerge as powerful tools in the intersection of two progressive women leaders.
Companion Presentation @SCRIBD

Design thinking has emerged as a key business advantage well beyond the classical role of design – and a new leadership platform for organizations is emerging out of this movement. How can design and designers lead organizations into the next era? Thought leaders from traditional organizations will chart a course for organizational change through design leadership, based on their own experience on the front lines of transformation, and drawing on lessons from a ground-breaking new study and thought leadership consortium. We’ll open up future roles of design and designers, the design competencies that non-designers will need, how organizations focus design on internal objectives in order to gain the most value, and how to present and gain support for this new model in your organization.
Companion Report Lead with Purpose: The Future Roles of Design

The Red Thread: Collisions, Continuity and Context: A talk in the Fall of 2019 at Midwest UX about how community development experience is helping to create change at Ford.