Always becoming.

Shifting and shaping this world that shifts and shapes me. Always becoming. An artist, musician, sailor, traveler, arctic explorer, consultant, designer, community activist, entrepreneur, leader, performer, executive, mentor, coach, daughter, aunt, cat mom, sun soaker, jazz lover, strategist, teacher, advisor, friend, problem solver, systems thinker, water enthusiast, pencil collector, lover of color, lover of BIPOC, she/her/hers, LGBTQ+, fan of the avocado, and peach, and strawberries, chocolate, a diplomat, absurdist, surrealist, pattern finder, dot connector, model maker, framework framer, reality warper, dry, with a sense of humor, about life, about you, about me, warm, generous, shy, outspoken, brave, daring, awake in the adventure… of becoming. Of becoming free.

And she loves her work…

Shel has built her career on an ability to see potential, create a powerful motivational purpose, and use that meaning to step into the unknown, offering encouragement and support for others to do the same. If you know her, she has likely reminded you of your bravery to try.

She has practiced human centered design and creative leadership for 25 years, with side hustles in performative art and music, sailing, community development, graduate school, and a social benefit company. She often takes on transformation roles where the playbook has yet to be written.


Shel has experience with:
+ Mindful and supportive people guidance, mentorship, management, and direction

+ Ground-up organizational development, operationalization, and enterprise scaling

+ Hands-on practice and mastery of all aspects of Human Centered Design & Design Thinking

+ Product, service, and process innovation and development (Digital & Physical)

+ Teaching, coaching, and competency development in business and university contexts

+ Speaking at a variety of public and private events

She is committed to inclusion, anti-racism, and views the world as a holistic ecosystem to honor and protect. She advocates a post-scarcity mindset, collaboration, curiosity, reflection, rest and joy.

She has also sailed the Northwest Passage, the coast of Greenland, and the Straits of Magellan, witnessing the devastating consequences of climate change in the northern and southern arctic. It’s very real!

She knows where the Narwhals live.

Currently @Ford
She’s currently helping the 200,000 employees of Ford learn about and practice Design Thinking. It’s a system with values deeply aligned with how she lives her life —collaboration, curiosity, optimism and empathy.
Shel and her Co-Director set strategy and lead teams to advance design thinking methods & tools, lead a robust coaching practice, offer a variety of learning experiences, and cultivate a diverse design thinking community of Ford employees and partners. 

Shel also participates in and leads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and anti-racism activities and efforts.